Additional Info

Our Mission

We assist individuals in applying for disability benefits. We are here to help those who are in circumstances which prevent them from being able to help themselves with the extremely difficult task of applying for these much needed benefits through the Social Security Administration.

First time applying?

If this is your first time ever applying for disability benefits - we are able to complete all your needed applications and submit them on your behalf.

Recently been denied?

Don't panic! We are able to complete your appeal request for you. Once we complete this difficult process of a disability claim, we will then ensure all evidence needed is submitted on your behalf to give you a stronger chance of obtaining your benefits. Just click on the "Schedule your free consultation" link at the bottom of this page.

Already have a hearing scheduled?

If you already have a hearing scheduled before a Federal Administrative Law Judge - we can definitely attend that hearing with you! First - if you have an attorney or non-attorney legal representative assigned to your case, we will need to discuss your hearing further. If you do not have someone representing you, we can go ahead and assist you as long as your hearing is not within 30 days (we have to have paperwork processed in order for SSA to recognize us as your legal representative before attending your hearing and we need medical evidence as well)!

**As long as we are not already booked with other hearings**

Have a case pending already, but...

You already have a disability case pending but you are unsure of the status of your claim - no worries! Contact us and we can discuss your options.

Does a consultation cost anything?

One short answer - NO! It is absolutely free for you to have a consultation with us.