How Can You Tell if You’re Eligible for SSI?

How Can You Tell if You’re Eligible for SSI?

Having supplemental security income is vital for many people. Disabilities should be supported and compensated appropriately with financial assistance. Hutcheson Advocacy Team in Dallas, Texas, is here to discuss how you can tell if you’re eligible for SSI. Call us today if you have any questions regarding SSI and social security disability benefits.

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The standard barline of eligibility to be an SSI disability representative is 65 years or older. After that, providing evidence that your disability hinders working will check off an important section in being eligible for SSI. It’s also important to note that your SSI application also serves as a viable Social Security form.

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Residency and Income

All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Northern Mariana Islands are viable locations for SSI eligibility. Your average income levels are an equally important factor in determining your SSI eligibility. Each state provides specific guidelines for your countable income and being SSI eligible or not, such as your household income and who you live with.

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SSDI Disabilities

Registering with an SSDI disability will also play a role in your SSI registration. If you need any further assistance, our SSI disability representatives are more than happy to help guide you in utilizing this information productively.

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Specific Cases

Some specific cases grant SSI eligibility for people going to and away from the country. Legally residing aliens can prove the same eligibility levels as previously listed for registered SSI benefits. Individuals will still need to check their immigration case status before proceeding with SSI eligibility. Students that are studying abroad with educational institution sponsors should also look into SSI eligibility to support them if possible.

With so much to unpack, our team of disability advocates wants you to get the most out of the social security disability benefits that you deserve. Tell us about your specific needs, and let us help today!