What is SSI?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is a "state-based" income source for individuals who have little or no past work history. This benefit does have a maximum monthly limit. An individual's monthly amount can vary from case to case, which all depends on various technical factors regarding a persona's household. Of course, a claimant must be found medically disabled in order to receive this benefit. If approved, an individual will receive Medicare.

What is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is most commonly known as the "disability check". Individuals who have substantial past work history are the ones who qualify for this benefit, technically. Of course, with Social Security Administration, an individual must be found medically disabled in order to receive this benefit. If approved for SSDI, a claimant will also be eligible for Medicare (in most cases).

Do I really need a representative?

National statistics show (as of 2017) most individuals who apply for disability benefits on their own are denied vs. individuals who have a representative assisting them. On average, 31% of individuals are approved on their own while 60% are approved with a legal representative's assistance. We strongly encourage you to have representation on your claim for disability benefits.

What is a representative payee?

Sometimes, SSA will require an individual to have a third party manage their monthly income. This third party individual is called a "rep payee", for short. They are 100% responsible for a disabled individual's monthly income, bills, etc. Anyone can be your rep payee, so long as they do not have a felony on their criminal background and/or they are not an individual required to have a rep payee themselves.

How long does this take?

Well, to be blunt - it seems to take forever. In all seriousness though, each and every case is different and unique from the next one. There is no certain time frame for disability cases and their is no law requiring SSA to make a decision with certain deadlines. On average, it takes a case anywhere from six months (rare instances) to approximately two years (most instances) - sometimes it can take even longer.

Does H.A.T., LLC, charge a fee for services?

We do NOT charge a client anything unless their case is approved. By law - if a case is approved, we can charge no more than 25% or $6000 (ex. if 25% is more than $6000, then we can only charge $6000; however, if 25% is less than $6000, then we can only charge whatever amount the 25% is). This is only possible if a client is approved and receives back-pay on their claim for disability benefits. If there is no back-pay and/or if a case is denied - H.A.T. does not charge anything for working on your case, on your behalf. The only other area where additional costs may come into play, is if H.A.T. has to pay for medical records in another state. Sometimes (depending on the state) - we are required to pay for those records. Should your case get approved, then we will bill you separately for that out-of-pocket-expense reimbursement (this is extremely rare); however, should your case get denied and we have paid for records, you will NOT owe H.A.T. anything.