Referral Program

Get Paid $50!!

Refer a new client to us and get paid!

The new client MUST sign all documents needed in order for us to properly represent them and begin/continue their application process

You do NOT have to be a current client!

Whether we helped you in the past, we are helping you now or we have never helped you before (we would like to if you need it though) - you send us new clients, you get paid (as long as they sign up after we accept them)!

No limit on how many you send our way!

Whether you send us one or 100 - there is no limit on the number of referrals you send to us! (send us 10 new clients that sign up with us - that is $500!!)

How will I get paid?

Great question!

At the beginning of each month we will tally up how many you sent our way (that signed up with us) the previous month, then we will download that many $50 fees onto a Visa card and ship it to you (make sure we have your updated mailing address!) - you will be able to spend this ANYWHERE!

Make sure they give us your name!

Whomever you send our way - make sure they give us your first and last name so we can pay you! Without your name, we cannot keep track of who you referred to us! We want to reward you for sending folks our direction!

Don't Forget!

There is no limit to how many people you send to us here at 'HAT'! So send everyone our way! We will greatly appreciate it and will certainly reward you for it!